0800 Virtual Telephon Numbers

How do 0800 telephone numbers work?

0800 numbers are Non Geographic Numbers (NGN). This means they have a National presence and are not restricted to a specific location. They work alongside your existing landline or mobile telephone number.

0800 telephone numbers are called Freephone numbers and are very attractive for customers as they are free to call from UK landlines and UK mobiles.

0800 Freephone numbers are perfect for generating new business through advertising and marketing campaigns as they can increase customer responses.

What are the benefits of an 0800 telephone number?

FREE to call from UK landlines AND mobiles (from 1st July 2015)
A Freephone 0800 number could increase customer response rates. Perfect for generating new business and complimenting marketing campaigns
Make your business look more professional, giving the customers the confidence to call
Gives you a national presence which allows you to expand your marketing to customers located further afield
No need to update your telephone details every time you relocate
Easy to re-target to an alternative landline or mobile
Allows you easily manage inbound calls to suit your business needs in conjunction with our range of optional Intelligent Call Solutions
Free online call statistics are included to help you monitor your inbound call traffic

What do 0800 calls cost?

Peak/ Off peak /Weekend
To receive* 3p minute/ 3p minute/ 3p minute
To call** Free/ Free/ Free
*From 1st July 2015 all our 0800/0808 Freephone numbers carry a Mobile Originating Levy of 3ppm in addition to the standard Freephone rate. Lower per minute charges can be offered for higher monthly call volumes. Additional charges apply if you wish to divert your calls to a mobile, typically 10p per minute for the major UK mobile networks.
**From 1st July 2015 calls made from UK mobiles to 0800/0808 Freephone numbers are free. For more details please call us or visit the Ofcom website www.ukcalling.info