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Call Handling Features Explained

Remote Retargeting via Phone

If you frequently need to retarget your phone number between a certain number of destinations on an irregular basis then Remote Retargeting may be an essential service for you. By simply dialling in to a secure remote access telephone number you can quickly and easily switch the targeting of your number between pre-selected destinations as often as you like, 24 hours a day.

Online Monthly Call Statistics

You can access your monthly call statistics online via a secure online portal. This will show you how many calls you have received on your number(s), when you received them, and their duration.

Advanced Online Call Statistics

This feature enables you to access detailed call statistics online via a secure web portal. The information has just a 15 minute delay so you can see your calls in near real time. This will show you how many calls you have received on your number(s), when you received them, and their duration. You can interrogate the information further by filtering and sorting it to provide relevant statistical analysis and view key data in graphical formats.

Fax to Email

This cost saving service eliminates the need for you to have fax machine hardware and a separate phone line to receive inbound faxes.

Call Whisper

This feature allows you to hear a short bespoke audio announcement when you pick up an inbound call. This allows the operator to know which telephone number the caller has dialled in on.

Dialled Number Presentation

This service enables the network to present the phone number that your caller has dialled on your caller display instead of the callers own number. For example, if your caller dialled your 0800 number then your 0800 number would be displayed on your own handset when you receive an incoming call on that number (requires a caller display facility).


Time, Day & Date Routing

This service offers the ability to route your calls differently depending on the time of day, the day of the week, or on certain dates e.g. your calls could be routed to voice mail when out of hours or on bank holidays.

Call Divert

If your main target number is busy or not answered within a specified time the call can be diverted to an alternative target number. Up to 5 target numbers can be included within Call Divert.

Distribution Routing

This service enables you to automatically distribute incoming calls between several operators, departments, or locations according to a specified percentage of call traffic that you can select.


What is Number Porting?

If you already have a non-geographic 0845, 0844, 0871, 0800, or 03 number but are unhappy with the charges, rebates or service from your existing provider, you may wish to transfer or Port your number to Galaxy Numbers. As an independent telecoms company we have porting agreements with several carriers.


What are the Benefits of Porting your Number(s)?

Reduce your ongoing charges with competitive Service Fees and Call Plans
Increase your rebate rate for numbers with higher call volumes
There will be no interruption to your service or loss of calls
We deal with the whole porting process including contacting your existing provider
You will have access to a first class service from the Support Team
Free retargeting of your numbers
Free online access to your monthly call statistics
Upgrade to our added value Standard, Extra, or Ultimate Call Plans at any time

Special Porting Offer:

Port your number to us today and receive up to 50% discount off your current provider’s service charges. Plus, take advantage of some of the highest call rebates in the market. Simply provide us with a copy of your latest bill and we will calculate the available discount according to your call volumes.


What does it cost to Port a Number?

We make no charge to Port your number to Galaxy Numbers. Once your number is ported, you simply pay the Annual Service Fee and optional relevant plan or products fees if you select any of our added value Call Plans or Standalone features.