FREE 0845 Virtual Telephone Numbers

FREE 0845 numbers

Memorable FREE 0845 numbers can enhance the image of your business and could encourage more nationwide callers to get in touch. Your FREE 0845 number can be attached to any UK landline and redirected to another at any time in the future for free. This feature can be invaluable when you move premises or need to divert your incoming calls when you’re away.

There are no incoming call charges for you to worry about when targeted to a UK landline¹. If required, you can request for the number to be targeted to a mobile phone number at a cost of 5p per minute. There is a limit of 5 FREE 0845 Numbers per customer.


What is the catch?

There isn’t one. Choose your number, it’s FREE. No connection fee and no monthly charges. Just FREE.


Can I be charged for anything at all, or is everything FREE?

If you need any extras there may be a charge to cover this, such as:

If you’d like to divert your 0845 number to a mobile phone we’ll charge £2.50 per month plus 5p per minute (by monthly Direct Debit)
If you need specific call handling features just let us know and we can provide a bespoke quotation depending on your requirements

So what do I get for FREE?

Not only do you get an 0845 number for FREE but we’ll throw in the following for FREE too:

Online Call Statistics
Unlimited inbound calls when connected to a UK landline (01/02 numbers)
12 re-targets per year
Will I have to sign a contract?
Yes you will, we are a responsible company and the minimum contract term is 24 months, followed by rolling 12 month agreements.

So what are you waiting for? We have plenty of FREE 0845 numbers to choose from, some really memorable too so get in quick

Prices quoted exclusive of VAT unless otherwise stated.